(Photo credit by local photographer-artist Phil Wendt)

The Sea Ranch California – An Excellent Wedding Venue


Nestled peacefully in the forest along the stunning Northern California Sonoma Coast is a hidden gem called the Sea Ranch Chapel. Uniquely and beautifully designed, this historic non-denominational chapel offers the perfect sanctuary for an intimate and memorable wedding. Amazing views both inside and out are ideal as the backdrop for breathtaking wedding photos. Both you and your guests will thoroughly enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this little chapel on your special day and will create memories that will last a lifetime.

Completed in 1985, the chapel’s dramatic beauty and incredible workmanship will stimulate a sense of awe and spirituality. The first time you see it, the fantastic architecture will catch your breath and sweep your eyes heavenward, and the blue patina of the crowning spire will remind you of the sky.

The journey to the chapel begins with the gateway to the courtyard area which is surrounded by native trees and other plants set in an informal pattern. There are redwoods, oaks, and evergreen trees and shrubs. For a spring wedding, you can expect blooming azaleas and rhododendrons as well as meadow poppies and wild iris in the nearby meadow. Local wildlife including deer and a variety of birds are beckoned by the chapel grounds. Fresh and inviting, this area is a photographer’s dream, and the perfect place for capturing extraordinary wedding photos.

The chapel’s intimate courtyard area is paved with Arizona flagstone. Stone from hills and meadows nearby were used to create the chapel’s lower walls which can be seen inside and out. The unique conical roof was created in a spectacular windswept pattern covered with cedar shingles and accented with copper, the perfect backdrop for gorgeous photos. A clay fountain mimics the up swept wings of the roof and provides the relaxing sounds of running water. The exterior walls of the chapel consist of warm redwood siding. The door is teak with bronze handles, and a bronze spire stretches upward to the heavens.

The chapel’s enchanting interior is a reflection of the warmth and beauty of nature with its carved redwood seating, post, and wall shelves. Gorgeously sculpted flower petals formed in the plaster ceiling and embedded with sea shells and sea urchins from the local shore create a sense of serenity and echo the curves that flow throughout the room. Three magnificent stained-glass windows filter jewel-toned light into this heaven-inspired space. Falling on the floral mosaic with an Italian flair in the center of the chapel floor, the soft light magnifies the tranquility and intimacy of the room. The graceful curves in the metalwork displayed in the wrought iron prayer screen and chandelier add to the ethereal beauty and will remind you of an angel’s wings. The light and natural stone and wood inside the chapel create an airy and romantic space that sets the background for striking photos.

If you are interested in getting married in this amazing chapel, there are many resources in the area to help you including wedding officials, florists, photographers, musicians, event planners, and caterers. Plenty of lodging is available nearby including three vacation rental home agencies that are able to act as sponsors for your event in the chapel.

Experience the perfect indoor or outdoor ceremony at the Sea Ranch Chapel, an incredible venue for your wedding. In order to reserve the chapel, follow the directions located on the chapel website. You will want to make your reservation as early as possible. Please remember that the chapel is for intimate gatherings of twenty people maximum and there is parking for up to thirteen vehicles. Sweet memories are waiting to be made here.