(Photo credit by local photographer-artist Phil Wendt)

Top 5 Restaurants in The Sea Ranch, CA


  1. Trinks CafeTrinks Cafe is a Sea Ranch dining establishment that’s headed by Kathleen Woodward, also known as “Trinks.” It’s a family-run favorite in the area. It’s been in existence since the beginning of the 2000s and previously specialized exclusively in coffee and desserts. The restaurant is associated with its laidback and genial ambiance. That’s one of the many reasons people gravitate to it. It’s a haven among those who are big fans of components that are 100 percent fresh. People who are passionate about produce that’s seasonal often head to Trinks Cafe. The same thing applies to those who are passionate about organic elements in general.

    Some examples of mouthwatering dishes that are on the menu at Trinks Cafe are house smoked salmon flatbread, local tomatillo salad, fried chicken sandwiches, grilled summer squash salad, fish and chips, sweet corn fritters, garlic sautéed shrimp and manchego cakes. People who are in the mood to revel in dinners that are pleasant and casual often head to this cafe. If you’re searching for a pleasant spot close to your vacation rental, then you may want to put this cafe on your list. It even offers customers the convenience of catering service.

    2. Anchor Bay Thai Kitchen

    People who are fans of Southeastern Asian restaurants in Sea Ranch have no reason to fret. That’s because they can always head to Anchor Bay Thai Kitchen. This local staple is a powerhouse among people who are on the lookout for authentic fare straight from Thailand. It has a vast selection of entrees, soups, salads, side plates, desserts and drinks. Some of the standout main dishes that are accessible on the menu at Anchor Bay Thai Kitchen are pineapple fried rice, green curry, pad Thai seafood noodles, pumpkin curry, pad broccoli and orange chicken. Diners at the restaurant can choose between all kinds of irresistible side plates. Some of these are steamed jasmine rice, cucumber salad, steamed noodles and steamed organic brown rice. People who have sweet cravings can go for desserts such as fried banana cheesecake, sweet sticky rice and even green tea gelato. The ambiance at Anchor Bay Thai Kitchen is both bright and airy. People who want to revel in exotic yet soothing dishes in the region often make the decision to chow down at this eatery. It’s part of the picturesque and quiet Anchor Bay village, true to its name.

    3. St. Orres

    St. Orres makes a fine spot for people who are trying to find stunning and serene dining establishments in the region. People who feel like taking it easy often cannot resist the opportunity to be able to nosh on dinner at St. Orres. It’s an eatery that’s known for foods that are influenced by the picturesque North Coast. The atmosphere at St. Orres is simultaneously open and sophisticated. It can instantly make any and all diners feel completely at ease. People who head to St. Orres can pick between all types of delectable options. They can dine on pan roasted fresh salmon, crab cakes, prawns and lobster, wild mushroom ravioli, filet of beef, vegetable strudel, rack of wild boar, roast rack of lamb and oysters on the half shell. It doesn’t matter if a diner is a major fan of seafood, vegetables or anything else along those lines. St. Orres may be able to cater to his or her meal wishes. The staff members who represent this restaurant are known locally for incredible service. They provide all of the people who head to St. Orres with attention that’s meticulous and detail-oriented. The restaurant even has plentiful beverage choices.

    4. Upper Crust Pizzeria

    It can be hard for most people to be able to turn away from slices of pizza. People who are in the region never have to thanks to the presence of Upper Crust Pizzeria. If you have a penchant for the concept of a classic pizza pie, this place will without a doubt fulfill of all of your dining requirements. It gives people the option to customize pizzas as they wish. Diners who want to be able to select their favorite toppings can easily do so. There are also numerous specialty pies on the menu. Some of these are veggie pesto, Mediterranean, margherita, pesto chicken, blue cheese chicken and meat lovers offerings. There are numerous pies on the menu that are totally devoid of sauce. People who are toppings enthusiasts are often big Upper Crust Pizzeria enthusiasts. It presents guests with choices in everything from garlic and green bell peppers to parsley and bacon.

    If you have a craving for a fresh salad, you can easily satisfy it at Upper Crust Pizzeria. Salads that are accessible on the menu at the eatery are tasty as can be. Other options that diners can choose include chicken wings and calzones.

    5. Twofish Baking

    Twofishing Baking, last but definitely not least, is yet another beloved dining establishment. It’s a Stewarts Point destination that’s a powerhouse among folks who are fans of tasty delights of all varieties. It has a bakery that presents people with all sorts of amazing breads. The menu for the restaurant is diverse and thrilling as can be, too. People who select Twofish Baking can go for everything from sandwiches and breakfast burritos to salads and even calzones. People who want to top their meals off with sweet wonders can test out soft serve ice cream.

    The bakery is a tradition among people who genuinely grasp sweet treats. People who go to it can opt for Danishes, sticky buns and scones galore. Notable dishes that are on the menu at Twofish Baking are tuna sandwiches, Italian sandwiches, breakfast burritos, veggie sandwiches, white calzones and veggie pizzas. People who are trying to find casual yet delightful meal options in the area never have to look long thanks to Twofish Baking. If you like the concept of restaurants that serve meals that are fresh and filling, then this place may be up your alley.