(Photo credit by local photographer-artist Phil Wendt)

Soroptimist International Architectural Tour

The Mendocino Coast is an area in northern California of intense and wonderful beauty. This is where people have settled for centuries. They find a region that offers sweeping ocean vies and glorious cliffs. The same is very much true today. Homes in this area have developed a unique architectural style. Architects relish the ability to work with this region in order to enable people to appreciate all it offers. Easy access to the ocean along with a mild climate means there’s plenty to do all year long. It’s also a great place for growing things. Those who love wine have found this part of the country the perfect place to cultivate grapes for wine growing. In recognition of this fact and a desire to show off all this region has to appreciate, the Soroptimist International of the Mendocino Coast has established a much admired architectural and wine tasting tour.

Viewing Properties

The tour is an annual event. Held each May, the aim of the tour is to show off the best of The Sea Ranch area. The tour focuses on two great aspects of living in the area. The first is the unique architecture that has developed here. This area is all about a spectacular setting. Incredibly easy access to the natural world has long been a favored part of being in this area. Architects in this area were inspired by the region. The homes they created are all about the use of natural light as well as the ability to make the best use of the lot. Open floor plans and the use of materials that are made according to eco-friendly principles guide the work the architects have done. Those who purchase tickets to the event have a chance to see such properties in person. Doing so offers a chance for people to learn about the best of modern architecture by seeing such properties in person. Architects and builders are on hand during the tour and willing to speak to the public about the goals of the properties they’ve put in place along the Mendocino Coast.

Tasting Wine

In addition to the opportunity to see the evolution of ideas about architecture in the area up close, the tour offers another valuable opportunity for all participants. There’s a tasting of wines at The Gualala Arts Center and an auction of wine related items for sale. Dozens of wine makers offer their drinks for tasting. Local winemakers speak about the work they do to get the ideal vintage grown and bottled. They’ll pour you a glass and talk directly about the flavors you can expect in the cup and what makes each bottle they bring to the table unique. This is a great chance to taste some of the most renowned wines in the United States.

On the Friday before the official event, there’s a Korbel Champagne Preview. This is when people can see what items are being offered at the auction. Local wineries and other businesses donate items for purchase and the benefit of the function of the Soroptimist International of the Mendocino Coast. Participants can find all sorts of wonderful items to buy as they see what is available here. This includes fabulous option for every budget such as bottles of rare wine and even trips to explore the coast in great depth. It’ a silent auction with everyone having a chance to participate. This is also a good way to get a look at regional products. Many local producers are happy to show off exactly what they have to offer for their appreciative clients.

Making Reservations

Making plans to attend this widely admired event is easier than ever. A vacation rental in the area can be booked well in advance of when it takes place. This gives everyone the time they need in order to enjoy what is best about this part of California. May is a mild and pleasant month. People can head to this part of the state and see the best of architecture and the regional wines. The event lets people try wines they might not have tried on their own. It also allows them a peak inside of some of the most thoughtful homes and home designers in the entire country. Speaking to architects and wine makers directly is an unforgettable experience.