Local Food and Eateries

Anchor Bay Thai Kitchen Authentic Thai Cuisine (707) 884.4141 Anchor Bay
Antonio's Tacos Authentic Local Mexican Food (707) 884.1789 Gualala
Bird Cafe & Supper Club Bird Cafe exemplifies our passion for community, food and art through unique dining experiences that emphasize terroir. (707) 882.1600 Point Arena
Black Point Grill at Sea Ranch Lodge Internationally inspired California cuisine (707) 785.2371 Sea Ranch
Coast Kitchen @ Timber Cove Contemporary-meets-old-world style cuisine. Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner (707) 847.3231 Timber Cove
El Mariachi Mexican Food (707) 884.1735 Anchor Bay
Franny's Cup and Saucer Bakery confections etc. (707) 882.2500 Point Arena
Gualala Pizza & Bakery Mexican Food-Pizza-Chinese-baked goods (707) 884.4055 Gualala
Pazzo Marco Creamery They have no retail outlet but their delicious gelato and cheese are proudly offered at Surf Market, Coast Kitchen-Timber Cove, Black Point Grill-Sea Ranch, Bird Cafe and Supper Club-Point Arena and Anchor Bay Thai Kitchen.
Pier Chowder House and Tap Room Specialty Seafood-Local Catch-over 30 beers on tap (707) 882.3400 Point Arena
Pirates Cove Mexican-American food (707) 882.4105 Point Arena
Pizza and Cream Pizza and Ice Cream (707) 882.1900 Point Arena
Rollerville Cafe Breakfast and Lunch (707) 882.2077 Point Arena
St. Orres Menu specializing in wild game and fresh local ingredients (707) 884.3335 Gualala
Surf Market An incredible selection of food and grocery, local, organic produce, meats, gourmet cheese, California wines, local brews, full-service deli, specialty sandwiches, Pete's Coffee. Open daily (707) 884.4184 Gualala
Trinks Specialty sandwiches – bakery items, gourmet Coffee – Open daily and for dinner Wednesday & Friday (707) 884.1713 Gualala
Two Fish Baking Company Local Artisinal Breads and Pastries (707) 785.2443 Sea Ranch
Uneda Eat California cuisine with Euro­Asian influences (707) 882.3800 Point Arena
WhiteCap Coffee and Tea 'ma and pa' coffee shop nestled in Anchor Bay on the beautiful California coast (707) 884.1800 Anchor Bay